The long history of the Hereford breed of Las Anitas dates back to the beginning of the century when Mr. José Alfonso, a native Spanish immigrant from the province of Leon, Spain, came to settle these land with only 16 years in 1902. The first animals were purchased to the ranch of Mr. Alberto Puig, which were improved with breeding cattle of England and from the main Uruguayan ranches. Since its inception, genetic selection entailed an arduous task and one of great responsibility.

It was with this degree of responsibility that the first annual sale took place in 1938, and this is how we still understand it today those who run the business. 

Las Anitas is located 35 kilometers from the city of Durazno, right in the center of the country. The ranch has been selecting the best traits for the past 80 years, making it one of the most important gene pools of the region.

It currently counts with 350 Hereford and Polled Hereford animals that make up the pedigree herd and other 1600 cows from the commercial operation. In addition, every year Las Anitas intends to work with 9 or 10 sires from the ranch in the pasture. 

All of our animals comply with the selection criteria of Las Anitas: low birth weight, maternal ability/mothering abilities, fertility, good musculature strengthened in the hindquarters, pigmentation, tenderness and marbling.

In addition, we can proudly say that the animals of Las Anitas are the perfect combination between what are today's EPDs (Expected Progeny Differences) and an irreplaceable visual appreciation. It is with great enthusiasm and passion that we have been working for more than 80 years on genetic selection; sharing our breeding philosophy, which has placed us at the forefront in providing sires and dams for both pedigree and commercial herds.


In 2017 Las Anitas obtained with "Fox" and "Karma", the Grand Champion Hereford Bull and the Grand Champion Polled Hereford Femlae at the Expo Prado, an unprecedented event, and which raised our number of Grand Champions to 27, in a show that we assist since 1980.