Rp 8814 - Ancares Forc Boomer 13

It is the bull with most promising phonotypical traits. Moderate size, very wide and fleshy, with firm and thick back, and a tremendous bone structure. Sound legs. Small head and soft shoulders. 100 % pigmented in both eyes and scrotum. It was very light at birth, Top 20% for BW, what makes him also an easy option for heifers. In his pedigree we find several sires which were leaders of the breed: CS Boomer 29f, Forc 29f Boomer 18L, NJW Wrangler 19D and the legendary BT CL Domino 15G. Definitely, a solid high performance bull.


EPD 0.924.235.540.


Forc 29f Boomer 18L   CS Boomer 29f
Anitas Mario 18   NJW Wrangler 19D
  Anitas 15G Domino 11-1