Ancares Zorrillo 1

  • Grand Champion Expo Prado Show 2017 - Grand Champion Durazno Show 2017
FOX has been a real standout since he was born. He is long bodied, firm on his top, and really wide when you look at him from the back. Excelent on his low line, with clean shieth and 44cm testicles at 15 months of age. Also, very soft on his front end and fully pigmented on eyes and scrotum. Very interesting pedigree, with two really good powerfull Line 1 Horned Bulls: CL1 Domino 955W and HH Advance 7101T.


EPD 1.923.938.651.


Paraiso Domino 955W 2   CL1 Domino 955W
Anitas 7101 Advance 3   HH Advance 7101T
  Anitas Bifeancho 4