Las Anitas


more than 80 years dedicated to agricultural production

About Las Anitas

In the livestock part, we work on a commercial herd of Hereford cows, a productive base for the steers and cows that are sent to the industry every year. The genetic program has 350 Hereford and Polled Hereford bellies that make up the pedigree stock and another 100 that make up the pure origin stock. Around 100 bulls and 170 bellies are sold at the “Los Toros de Alfonso” Annual Auction.
All of these breeders comply with the selection premises that the Cabaña has always had: ease of calving, maternal ability, fertility, good muscular coats strengthened in the hindquarters, pigment, skin and easy fattening. In short: functionality and adaptation to the environment.

Furthermore, we can proudly affirm that Las Anitas breeding stock is the product of a fair combination between what EPDs (Expected Progeny Differences) are today and an irreplaceable visual appreciation. Objective information has been a complement to the selection since the 90s, and allows us to have support for the decisions made.

It is with great enthusiasm and passion that we pour out our 80 years of genetic selection, sharing our breeding philosophy, which has placed us at the forefront in the provision of sires and wombs, both for pedigree stock and for general herds.